200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

All the yoga aspirants who have already practice yoga and those who are beginner are eligible to join this 200 hour yoga teacher training course in rishikesh. In this course our curriculum has been designed in such way that after completion this course an individual can teach the students of basic level as well as  broadened knowledge of the yogic practice too. In  this course we have included the hatha yoga practice which mold and deep practice of physical postures.

This asana practice clears basic concept of the students about the asana and its relevance with the whole yogic practice. As it is mentioned ashtanga which refers to the eight limbs of yoga according to the  yoga sutra compiled by  sage Patanjali which is  the one of the ancient text of yoga philosophy . Asana is one of major aspect of yoga which tuned the body to sit in one particular posture for long hours. So in hatha yoga our focus is to know the very fundamental aspects of the asana and the keys points to bring more strengthen and bring flexibility in  body. Our next steps is the cleansing the respiration system through pranyama.

Pranayama Includes  cleansing, burning and healing of  the internal organ through the rigorous practice of the pranayama. In pranayama it s  not  only the breathing practice but more than that which enables one to understand the different energy levels and divert them in desired direction. Every knowledge has both aspect theoretical as well as practical .Both go  parallel. So  we have included both theory philosophy as well as practical study. In 200 hour yoga teacher training course the students  go through the proactive of ashtanga  vinyasa practice which is one of the rigorous practice of asana but this is taught  well after the students are taught hatha very well. Apart from this yoga practicum meditation kundilini yaga and kriya yoga is also taught I this curriculum to the students of the 200 hrs ttc. We offer one week free asana  practice class after the  completion of the course to sharpened the knowledge of asana.


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