6 Exciting New Advances in Dental Cosmetics

Cosmetic dentistry has moved beyond high-end work available to only a few concerned patients and is now part of multiple dental fields. Customization, color matching, and many other benefits have trickled down to everyday procedures and are making a big difference in how people feel about their smiles. Dental cosmetics also continues to produce new advances in tooth care and cosmetic options, including developments such as:


1. Enamel Strengthening

Tooth whitening procedures continue to advance and grow both safer and more effective, removing stains and give people shiny, clean smiles. However, cosmetic dentistry has also begun to adopt treatments that address the underlying causes of stained or darkened teeth. The result are new products that everyone can use to help halt the darkening of their teeth, which is often caused by enamel wearing away over time. Enamel-strengthening and remineralization materials, available both at the dentist and in toothpaste, can help cover up flaws in enamel and prevent further damage when used on a regular basis.

2. Laser-Based Implants

Tooth whitening is not only new enamel-treatment option to give patients better smiles – the cosmetic field is also using high-tech lasers to initiate change. Laser bleaching has been used before, but it is expensive, time-consuming, and often uncomfortable. Now PAC or Plasma Arc Curing lights are replacing older lasers. These PAC devices use a combination of a curing coat and a light that reacts with the coating, quickly whitening all your teeth with a minimum amount of fuss and a much lower cost than previous options.

3. The Digital Picture

As digital models advance, dental cosmetics grow more accurate. Now that advanced scans and 3D imaging software can create incredibly detailed scans of teeth and create the perfect implants and other products to fit your mouth. There are also diagnosis-related benefits to the latest scanning technology. Florida dental implants and cosmetic services, for example, offer panoramic digital radiography that can also spot jaw and sinus problems when scanning your teeth.

4. More Effective Fillings

Gone are the days where fillings were a noticeably different color, usually a shiny metallic shade that stood out in contrast to your enamel. Today your dentist should provide the option of giving you filling made from composite materials or tough ceramics like porcelain, which will match your own tooth color but still fix cavities.

5. Gum Sculpting

Gum sculpting is a new field in cosmetic dentistry where dentists use carefully aimed lasers to remove certain gum tissues. Patients with uneven gum growth choose this option to keep their teeth from looking crooked when really the gum line is to blame. Healing is quick, and gum sculpting makes it easy to show offer a brilliant, uniform smile.

6. Smile Work

These days, more and more patients are trusting the dentist with their Botox treatments and similar smile enhancers, for a very simple reason: Dentists are already very familiar with the muscles and other tissues in the face and they even use Botox to treat a number oftraditional  dental conditions. Advancing toward cosmetic use of Botox is a simple step for dentists familiar with its use, and often leads to a more accurate, successful treatment.


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