5 Exercise routine to control diabetes

Exercise is a very important routine to be followed to keep the diseases away. Also, to remain active, fit and in a happy mood throughout the day. The diabetic patients can revamp their body functions and insulin generation abilities as also body’s reaction to the insulin can also be improved with the help of exercise. Hence the dietas para diabeticos has emphasized the importance as also the importance of diet in the attempts of controlling the deadly diabetes.

Strength training

The diabetic patients energy is torn apart due to the insulin’s incapability to convert glucose into energy as the absorption process is hindered either due to lower levels of insulin or body’s self destruction of the insulin producing cells. Hence, the person feels very tired and restless, and these strength training cardio exercises help in boosting the body’s metabolism.

Exercise at home, or hit a gym

Home exercises can be learnt which target each and every muscle of your body. Also hitting a gym is a good idea in case you are a lazy lad, gym makes the person regular. One can slowly increase the number of sets per exercise but must begin with at least 10 repetitions in a set. One can initially use dumbbells and slowly switch to weights for exercising.

  • Crunches where you squeeze your abs and lift your shoulders in a sleeping position where your knees are kept bend, and the lower back is grounded to the floor, then again get the shoulders in the original position.
  • Biceps and triceps training are simple exercises with weights for muscle exercise.
  • Squats is another variety where the person needs to stand upright initially with legs spread and then bend the knees and go down to the extent possible still keeping the back straight. You need to lean a bit ahead when you are bending and can use a ball for balancing on the wall.
  • Also, hamstring curling is a good exercise for those leg muscles where the heels of your leg are required to touch the heels of the leg to the lower body buttocks keeping the other leg straight. The heels can be lifted with your hands. You can also apple weights on your ankle to make it more intriguing.
  • Also, lunges are easy where one leg is brought forward and bent from the knees and the other leg automatically lowers in the back on the heels but see to it that the back knee doesn’t touch the floor and do the challenging and fun balancing act.

Importance of exercise in diabetes

Exercise helps in burning the fats, fatty acids and also glucose. Hence, when glucose is burnt via the exercises the insulin’s job is partly done by the exercise routine; hence the pancreas can rest and also secrete less insulin. Thus, the remaining glycogen stored in the liver automatically gets an indication to move in to the blood stream and provide the necessary supply of energy.

Exercise and insulin

If a patient is on anti diabetic medicine or injection of insulin and also doing physical exercise, he must take care to check the diabetes number, it is possible that sometimes the glucose level may go down tremendously as the insulin effect may increase to a great extent leading to situations like hypoglycemia in which case one must reduce the dosages after consulting the doctors

Thus,dietas para diabeticos stress on the fact that diabetes is not curable but every effort must be made in the right direction to control it. Also, exercise is good for mood upliftment too as it secretes hormones which stimulates the mood.