5 Helpful Tips to deal with Toothache


Escape plan from Toothache

Most probably all of us would have definitely suffered from toothache for several times in our lifetime. I had also experienced a lot because of this toothache since my childhood and meet up with many medical treatments. However there are some of the natural remedies which have been worked for getting relief from tooth pain. Main purpose of this article is to tell how natural remedies worked well for me and to others who i know suffered from toothaches.

Here are some of the tips to be followed to get relief from toothache.

Ice & hot pack:

Just take a bag and fill it with ice cubes and directly apply it on your face outside the tooth by holding it with a paper towel or some thin cloth where you feel the pain is. Keep it for some time and repeat it regularly. Don’t use too cold ice cubes, it will increase the pain because teeth affected by toothaches are extremely sensitive to cold.

Still if you are not getting rid of your pain means try another technique i.e.

Opposite of what you have done in the first one-a hot compress. Place a hot bag and place it on the side where your tooth hurts and within sometime it will make you feel comfort. But make sure you are not using too hot water.


Just make little slices of a fresh cucumber and place it where you feel pain.

If you take a cucumber from fridge just keep it in room temperature and use it, because your teeth will be sensitive to cold.

You can also prepare a paste of cucumber with little amount of salt and then gently apply over the affected area.

 Baking soda:

Take some cotton (make sure that it is clean) and gently dip it in water and then in baking soda (make sure that the cotton is really soaked with the baking soda) and then apply smoothly over the area where you feel pain.

You can also try doing mouth rinse by taking some amount of baking soda in a glass of warm water and mix it gently. Take this mixture and goggle continuously over the soar teeth and split it out.


Take a lemon and cut it into slices and apply it gently, bite it to extract its juicy content which will help you to get relief from pain.

It is known that our tooth at the time of soreness will be sensitive towards cold, so keep it in room temperature and use it.

Salt water:

Take spoonful of salt and mix it in a glass of warm water and swirl it inside your mouth for some time and then split it out. Repeat it as many as time you can till you get relief from toothache.

So here i have provided with you with some useful information help you to take care by yourself when you suffer from toothaches. But it is always better to consult a dentist when you feel discomfort even after trying these natural remedies.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Catherine Tressa an experience health writer who works for Ehic and also advices to use ehic application card for obtaining health insurance.


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