A Solution To Our Evolving Healthcare Needs & Requirements

When it comes to the upper end of our population, there’s no denying the fact that it’s increasing. It’s been estimated and reported by 247PHC.com that, over the next twenty years, the number of over 65′s in the UK will increase by approximately 58% (5 million), which will take the total to a whopping 15.5 million. If our healthcare system stands still, it’s simply not going to be able to cope with the increased levels of demand from our ageing population and, as such, something needs to change. There is, however, only so much which can be offered by the NHS, especially given the fact that the majority of healthcare required as our population ages will be in the form or nursing care and live in home care.

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When you stop to think about it, the medical advances in recent years have been phenomenal. With both revolutionary drugs, operations and treatments now available, we are all ultimately living considerably longer than our predecessors, many living well into their eighties and nineties. Illnesses which would have previously spelled the end are now completely recoverable from and prevention is possible in a whole host of patients with a whole range of illnesses and diseases. By catching these things early, our lives are prolonged and we live on well into our old age. As outlined above though, just how much can the NHS cope with before it reaches capacity and when it does, how much and how quickly can it expand? In short, probably not very in either instance.

With that in mind, the care of the old age pensioners in Britain will soon rely heavily on private nursing practices. Even for home care, there comes a time when people need that level of care which isn’t available on the NHS and it seems likely that the solution is private nursing! Only time will tell, however as far as we can see, our healthcare system is about to change considerably!


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