Afraid of the Dentist: 6 Easy Modern Solutions

When it comes to unwanted but necessary experiences, visiting the dentist is right up there with taxes and in-laws – in fact, it often makes the top of the list. A lingering fear or distaste of having strangers poke around in your mouth is very common. The good news? Dentists understand this, and no one is working harder to make your check-ups and procedures go as smoothly as possible.

Panic Management

Dentists are more aware than ever of the sort of panic that visits can create in their patients. Sometimes some basic panic management techniques can prove a great advantage: If you feel nervous before the visit to the dentist, practice even breathing and talk yourself through the process. Imagine the procedure and work on controlling your emotional response, getting rid of any unwanted anxiety instead of getting stuck in a cycle of growing unease. If you feel nervous at the office, admit it: Your dentist will be understanding, and will also talk you through what will happen and how it will benefit your dental health. These types of talks are excellent for managing feelings of panic and reducing anxiety.


Dental Lasers

Dental lasers have replaced many old-fashioned implements that once used to cause discomfort. Dental lasers can help accomplish a number of cosmetic surgeries and may be used for cleanings, surgeries, and filling treatments. They react with specific compounds to initiate painless chemical reactions…among other procedures. If you feel nervous about the pain or complications that dentistry often threatens, take ease in the fact that the latest procedures are far more painless thanks to modern technology.

Air Abrasion

Modern technology has also given dentists methods that use air abrasion, a safe and fast method of removing unwanted material through sharp, powerful bursts of air. These tools are far less annoying than old-fashioned drills, picks and other plaque-removal solutions. Ask your dentist about air abrasion, how it can be used, and what other ways that the dentist offers to minimize pain and accomplish procedures as quickly as possible.

Friendly Apps

Plenty of apps can help make your dental experience better! The American Dental Association offers an app that can help diagnose potential problems and explain dental processes and treatments, removing much of the fear and uncertainty that treatment can cause. Other apps, embraced by more and more dentists, can connect directly with a dentist office and allow you to ask questions on the fly or schedule appointments ASAP. Ask your dentist what apps they use!

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry in Houston, Texas is useful for long procedures or treatments that you still feel a little too much anxiety about. They are more difficult to fit into schedules, because you need someone to drive you and pick up back up afterward. However, it also removes a lot of the fear behind the procedure – if you notice it at all. If you also feel anxiety about anesthesia, don’t worry: The sedation techniques do not fully knock you out, but they tend to be more effective than laughing gas and other traditional options.

Topical Gels

Topical gels are also beginning to replace more painful injections when it comes to numbing specific parts of your mouth. If you dislike this part of the procedure or hate needles, ask your dentist about alternatives like gels and how they can be used.


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