Benefits of Bio Oil

bio oil is a product that has versatile uses and is good for your skin in general. It can improve your skin, and help you treat common problems like stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and scars. It keeps your skin hydrated and all day long, and provides it with the nourishment it needs. Bio oil is extracted from plants and vitamins, and is a must if you want a beautiful you


Bio oil is extracted from vitamins and plants, containing PurCellin oil as the main ingredient. This makes the formula more consistent and non-greasy. Moreover, it ensures that the nourishments in the formula can easily be absorbed by your skin.


Bio oil is a great choice for scar treatment. Generally, a scar is formed if increased quantities of collagen are produced in the area where your body gets wounded. As scars mature, they undergo changes and may become lighter, but they are usually permanent. Bio oil can help you in reducing their appearance and making them less noticeable, but the scars do not completely go away.

Massage on your scars with bio oil in circulatory motions two times a day. Do this for around three months. If your wounds are recent, do not apply the oil until they are completely healed.

Stretch Marks

If your body expands at a rate faster than the skin which covers it, the skin may tear apart. This produces scars which become visible on the surface as stretch marks. The appearance and visibility of stretch mark is dependent on your age, skin type, race, diet and the moisture in your skin. If you are pregnant, indulged in body building, undergoing a sudden growth or putting on body weight rapidly, stretch marks may appear.

Like scars, stretch marks are also permanent and bio oil only reduces their visibility. Massage it on the stretch marks two times in a day for around three months. If you are pregnant, start applying it when you proceed into the second trimester on all areas where stretch marks can appear such as your abdomen, back and thighs.

Uneven Skin Tone

The colour of your skin is not the same at all places when the production of melanin is not consistent. Generally, this happens if you often expose yourself to the sun, use low quality whitening products, or are going through a hormonal imbalance. Apply bio oil on all these darks areas for at least 90 days. You can apply a sunscreen after this, but do this only when the oil has been completely absorbed in your skin.

Aging Skin

Your skin begins to age if it loses its elasticity or the collagen becomes week. Applying bio oil regularly will keep your skin smooth and make it suppler, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The oil can also help in improving your texture and tone.

Body Scrub

Bio oil works as a great body scrub. Pour some of it in a bowl and add some sea salt or fine sugar to it. Now rub it over your body and wash off.


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