Can you avoid teeth yellowing?

Teeth whitening, technically called dental bleaching, is a procedure of cosmetic dentistry. It is done to remove stains and colour from the teeth. By doing so, the original white colour of the teeth can be regained. This is the main objective of dental bleaching. However, bleaching can also go a step beyond and provide an unnatural white colour to the teeth. This colour however stays for a temporary and usually short period.

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is very popular in the west because every individual suffers from the problem of teeth yellowing. Teeth yellowing or teeth darkening is a natural process that makes the teeth dark or yellow in color as age progresses. It is noted that children have whiter teeth than adults. This is so because teeth keep becoming dark with age. However, there are a few habits that accelerate teeth darkening.

Drinking wine is a known contributor to teeth darkening. It adds discolour or stains to the teeth and makes the teeth yellow or dark in colour. Hence drinking wine in excess or frequently is not a good idea for retaining the natural white colour of the teeth. Another habit is smoking. The oral consumption of tobacco products is known to accelerate teeth yellowing. Whether tobacco is chewed or smoked, it adds discolour to the teeth. Hence dentists suggest less smoking to retain the white colour of teeth.

Also, drinking tea or coffee add discolour and stains to the teeth. It seems the consumption of tea and coffee accelerates teeth darkening, hence it is advised to avoid drinking tea and coffee in excess to protect the natural whiteness of teeth. These habits are daily lifestyle habits of people, hence it is quite impractical to say that these habits should be completely avoided. They can be controlled, however the teeth still darken.

This makes the concept of teeth whitening with the help of a dentist a beneficial idea. Brushing and flossing is obviously required and helpful, but they can also help to a limited extent. One needs to get a teeth whitening procedure done every once in a while to keep teeth in good whiteness. It is suggested that every individual gets the procedure of teeth whitening done once in a while.

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