Common Health Issues for Travel to Turkey

Travelling from one country to another comes with a lot of health issues. All of the health practices carried out are meant to protect you the traveler, the people you will meet in the other country and even the people you will meet back in your country. The following are the main health issues for travel to Turkey.


When travelling to Turkey, there are a number of vaccinations that you should take as recommended by the World Health Organization. The main diseases against which one should be immunized against include tetanus, measles, mumps, hepatitis B, polio and rubella. Also when preparing to travel, ensure that all your routine vaccinations are complete. As for Malaria, it’s your responsibility to avoid mosquito bites at all costs, especially when travelling to Turkey.

Another recommended vaccine is one against rabies which is endemic in Turkey, this is especially for visitors who will spend most of their times in places at risk of dogs, cats and other mammals. Children are at a higher risk to getting infected with rabies as they like to play a lot with pets.


Although Turkey is not a dangerous place to visit, there are many factors that predispose one to physical injury which can result to injury and hence keep your health at compromise. For instance, there are very many holes in the pavements which pose danger. Worse still safety belts in the public service vehicles are only worn when there is a police officer on the road. This is quite risky since in case of an accident, one may sustain serious injuries. While at the beach, the lifeguards are ever absent which hints you that you should be extra careful while out there.


Although in the recent past it has decreased meaningfully, drugging is one health issue that you should be aware of once in Turkey. Some tourists do fall victims of drugging and then they end up dead or have something incredible happen to them. Therefore once in Turkey, consult your tour guide on which bar are safe. More still, when in this bars, do not socialize with strange people to ensure your safety.

Availability of Healthcare

The standards of health care in Turkey are highly unstable and hence unpredictable. However there are private hospitals from where you can obtain substantial health care, but you will cough a couple more bucks for that. It is very vital you avoid attending public hospitals since the level of healthcare is wanting and you can even contract horrible diseases from the hospitals.

Food and Water Precautions

While in Turkey, do not drink tap water if you are on a short visit and always use bottled water. If you are here for a stay, then always boil drinking water or chemically treat it. This is because you might drink contaminated water which can cause vomiting or diarrhea.

As for food, avoid eating unpeeled fruits and uncooked vegetables since they may harbor disease causing micro-organisms. Do your best to avoid fruits from street vendors, and observe basic hygiene. This way you will be able to keep diseases at bay and hence enjoy your stay in Turkey.

When obtaining a visa for Turkey, it is important that you obtain it in advance so as to avoid the last minute rush and the demerits that come with it.


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