Controversies about The Electronic Cigarette: Is it Good or Bad?

The electronic cigarettes are made on the base of a liquid that contains nicotine, but also with some other substances having the role of fixing the nicotine. The e-liquid contains pure nicotine, but also a substance named glycol, which helps burning the nicotine, transforming it into vapors. According to some researches, 50 mg e-liquid contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. FDA considers the electronic cigarettes as “products on base of tobacco”, which means that they are the same as the nicotine gum, or as other products designed to help smokers to quit.

The fact that the electronic cigarette such as the eVod starts to be studied and analyzed is a good thing, and we might have better cigarettes on the market in the near future. Since now, in the lack of studies, people used to believe only the ecigarette reviews made by people that already tried those. It seems like the medical authorities from the United States are decided to make light in this matter.

“Any product that contains pure nicotine must be tested and regulated strictly before being put up for sale”, says professor Adams Cobb, which identified some problems with the e-cigarettes that are currently sold on the market. For example, they discovered many e-liquids that have a higher content of nicotine than the one specified on the label, and also that contain some unidentified substances.

Even with those studies, it is still hard to draw a solid conclusion. There are no studies about the long term effects of the electronic cigarette. The European Union is more prepared to accept the e-cigarettes, because there is a regulation about glycol. According to the 2001/5/EC directive, only one gram of glycol is accepted for one kilogram of final product, no matter what the goal of the final product is. In our case, there is only one gram of glycol accepted for one kilogram of e-liquid, which is a decent quantity.

What is the alternative?

Can we believe the doctors saying that the e-liquid is bad? As long as they don’t have founded studies to support this affirmation, how can we believe them? If you ask them what the alternative is, they will probably recommend you some gums of nicotine sprays, which were also proven as ineffective or harmful. It is true that those medicines are regulated, unlike the e-cigarette, but there are many other pills and products that are accepted by FDA, even if they have substantial secondary effects.

Each one of us has to decide. If you have a friend that already has an e-cigarette, ask about it. There are people that managed to quit smoking using those, while others tried the ecigarette once, just to leave it in a drawer after that. It is a matter of individuals and will, so the best method to check if the electronic smoking devices are good is to try those.

As the majority of e-cigarettes come with a warranty from the producer, you can try it with no risk. If you feel as if the cigarette is not effective, just send it back and you will get your money.


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