Does Smoking Really Offer Relaxation

There is always a common saying that smoking enables the person to relieve himself from stress and offer a relaxed state of mind. People somehow for one or other reason inculcate such habits and later on find it difficult to quit smoking. Without smoking smokers get a feeling that their life has no meaning.

Of course the above facts are true to a certain extent because their addiction towards the substance nicotine which if not inhaled do not calm their nerves. Smoking from the point of view of the smokers offers various benefits like increased concentration, increase in the energy levels, relief from boredom and features of relaxation. Smokers are said to acquire more strength due to consumption of nicotine. Smoking cigarettes are said to offer both contrasting effects namely relaxation by way of lowering the stress levels and boosting the energy levels. Scientists have with their researches have proved the harmful effects of smoking. In the first place the contents in the cigarette namely carbon monoxide and nicotine enter the body of the smokers which in turn reduce the amount and supply of oxygen to the brain. Second ill effect of smoking is the effect of nicotine that shrinks the veins and arteries that affects the heart of the person to a great extent. Thirdly nicotine is said to block the release of insulin and hence acts as appetite suppressant and that is the reason smokers every half an hour or so indulge in smoking their next cigarette. Moreover other contents of cigarette like the added chemicals, poisons, toxins and carcinogens make the body function in a state of shock and all the harmful substances are absorbed by the body through veins, lungs, heart, arteries and other parts of the body. So smokers may not accept the fact that they affect their health but the true fact is that total health of a person gets destroyed due to smoking. It is better that smoker’s try e cigs canada.

Electronic Cigarettes

Risks towards health concerns have made the smokers to think of replacement products. Branded cigarette manufacturers for enhancement of sales of the product have come up with advertisements that real cigarettes offer the various benefits to smokers and they have become successful in selling their products. But people who have been seriously affected by smoking that have resulted in fearful diseases have been advised by medical experts to quit smoking. One cannot quit smoking so quickly because of the addiction towards nicotine. Hence the above factors have led to the birth of the new product e cigs canada which possesses like features of the real cigarettes. Of course nicotine in different strengths is available with e cigarettes but they do not contain any other harmful substances like chemicals, poisons, toxins and carcinogens. The cartridge comes up with nicotine and it gives the smokers the same experience with glow in orange color produced by the LED provided along with the cartridge. Inhaling and exhaling processes take place. One need not spend more in the long run as the strength slowly gets reduced and people start using the cartridges without nicotine also. Hence with the help of e cigarettes one can put an end to the habit of smoking. People surrounded by the smokers are in no way affected due to the invention of e cigarettes. Nowadays e cigarettes have become so popular among the smokers and such have acquired huge demands from the buyers. Buyers can avail various discounts on the products if their time to quit smoking is a long term process due to severe smoking practices. Never buy cheaper e cigarettes as they may contain components that may affect their health.


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