Getting Your Parents to Enter Assisted Living

You’ve been having the same argument with your folks for years. You want them to enter assisted living, but they simply refuse to budge. There’s no question that leaving the home in which they raised their family will be difficult, but at the end of the day, it’s what’s best for both of them. This big, empty house is rife with steep staircases, assorted tripping hazards and numerous other threats to the physical wellbeing of senior citizens. You only want what’s best for them, and deep down, you know they realize that. Instead of engaging in the same old argument, you may find success with a different approach. Rather than emphasize how physically frail and incapable of independence your parents are, try selling them on the many advantages of assisted living facilities.

Around-the-Clock Access to Care

Many seniors hold the mistaken belief that entering assisted living means being constantly surrounded by physicians, nurses and assorted caregivers. However, in actuality, most assisted living facilities provide residents with as much or as little care as they require. These communities have trained nurses on call 24 hours a day, so no matter when your parents need assistance, they’ll receive it in a timely manner. In most cases, if you don’t need anything from a caregiver, you may go days without seeing a member of the home’s support staff. For this reason, entering assisted living is akin to moving into an apartment complex that has its own full-time medical experts. Even young people in the best shape of their lives would welcome such a convenient amenity in their residences.

Seniors on the hunt for a comfortable New Jersey Assisted Living community needn’t look any further than the Reformed Church Home. Here, each resident receives his or her own apartment, complete with appliances, laundry, satellite television and various other amenities.Best of all, maintenance and onsite medical care are provided to residents at no additional cost.

Chance to Reignite Their Social Lives

Social isolation is very common in housebound seniors. Since many of them are no longer able to drive, they seldom see friends or family members unless they visit their home. Alternatively, at an assisted living facility, your parents will be surrounded by similarly-aged peers with whom they can enjoy a fun-filled assortment of onsite leisure activities. Being able to make an array of fascinating new friends is sure to bring your folks out of their social funk.

Ample Field Trip Opportunities

Since many assisted living communities regularly take residents on group outings, you won’t have to worry about your parents succumbing to cabin fever. Common group outing destinations include such stimulating locations as shopping malls, zoos, aquariums and amusement parks. Combined with the plethora of onsite activities, these outings will ensure that your folks never get bored in their new residence.

Convincing one’s parents to enter assisted living is a battle that a growing number of adults have to fight. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the pluses of senior living communities, you may be able to make your folks reconsider their stance on the issue of relocation.


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