Home Made Remedies and Prevention Measures for Flea Bites


Over time as people have had to deal with flea bites, more remedies have come up. Some of the remedies that are used for flea bites are not as advanced though. Some are just solutions that people put together to treat flea bites at home. There are also prevention measures that do not involve any chemicals or calling in the exterminator.


Prevention of flea bites means getting rid of fleas before they have a chance to attack humans or pets. There are measures that are used around the house to prevent flea bites and getting rid of fleas. There is one notion that fleas are not particularly fond of garlic. From this, the use of garlic can be a preventative measure against flea bites. Eating foods with garlic can prevent flea bites. This may however be unpleasant for people who don’t like garlic.

Lemon water can also be used to prevent flea bites. This is done by boiling water with lemon pieces. This is then left to cool down. The lemon water is the put in a spray can. This is then used on the legs or other areas that are susceptible to flea bites. There are also oils like lavender and cedar that can be used on the body. These chase away the fleas. Apple cider and vinegar is also used to get rid of fleas around the house. The apple cider and the vinegar are mixed together in a bowl of water. This is then placed around the area that is most affected with flea infestation. The fleas get attracted to the water due to them smell then they get trapped in there.


There are some remedies that are used at home that effectively cure flea bites. One of the most common is washing the areas affected by the flea bites. Warm water and antibacterial soap is used to clean the bites. Baking soda is also something else that can be used when treating flea bites at home. The baking soda is mixed with water and made into a paste. This is then applied to the bites.  Rosemary, eucalyptus and wormwood can also be made into powder and used on the bites. The powder form these provide relief from the itching and the scratching.

For soothing effects on flea bites, cucumbers do the trick just fine. These can be mixed with some rose water. Olive oil and the powder of sandalwood and some turmeric can also be used to give the skin that much needed soothe. The scars left behind by flea bites are something else that people hate dealing with. There are some remedies that can help with the skin exfoliation. Some of these include some green gram powder that is mixed with yoghurt to form a paste. Ground radish can also be used to help lighten up the skin.

There are other remedies that people come up with every day. Home remedies can however not be guaranteed to work on everyone. There are some people who may need different kinds of treatments. That is why people find new was to treat flea bites at home. These home remedies tend to save a lot of resources. Sometimes going to the doctor may not be possible for some people. The home remedies provide the perfect solution for dealing with flea bites.


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