• Nausea is the common feeling of uneasiness and vomiting which we all have been very familiar with. It can be caused by unhealthy diet, dehydration, food poisoning, sickness due to motion or extra intake of medicines. Nausea can be cured with medicines easily but sometimes it worsens the situation. So one should prefer home remedies for this problem when in initial stages.


Ginger tea

  • Ginger is when taken in any form can stop nausea within no time. Some people prefer to take ginger in tea, hot water or raw as per their convenience. Nausea is mainly caused due to acid formation in the stomach. Ginger secretes a juice which neutralises the acid formation in the stomach and make you feel great within no time. It also relaxes the muscles in your body and remove the toxins which causes the problem. The digestive system works perfect and smooth.


  • Acupressure points are the points in your body where you can apply some pressure and feel relieved. These points relieve discomfort, nausea or ill feeling one usually have. Due to excess release of some chemical in your body, you might feel ill and dizzy. Acupressure releases endorphins which block those chemicals and reduce their flow, balancing your body and calming you.

Vomit out

  • When there is an urge to vomit out during nausea then do not hold your body. Sometimes vomiting out of the harmful material from your body will definitely relax your stomach. Holding it will damage your internal system because, later it will turn into acid causing more problems.


  • Back bone pain and neck problem can cause nausea. Here nausea is the discomfort your body react to when suffering with body pain. To try to release stress hormones, one should do small exercises daily, stretching your whole body and releasing tension. Yoga is nowadays considered the best way one can release stress and get over the feeling of nausea.

These are few easy methods one should follow to overcome their uneasiness feeling and discomfort without under going under any medication.


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