How Does Hydro-Based Pump Works as an ED Treatment Device

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual health disorder among men. 90% of erectile dysfunction is caused by physical factors such as medications, cardiovascular problems, nerve disease, stress and injury to penis. Despite the increasing number of male adults being diagnosed with the health condition, erectile dysfunction is a preventable and treatable disease. One of the conventional drugs used by men for erectile dysfunction is Viagra. It is estimated that there are more than 20 million male adults used Viagra to keep up sexual function (source). While men find relief about using the drug, little is known about this ‘wonder drug’. Long term use of Viagra can lead psychological dependency, heart attack and stroke. For this reason, some men are considering the use of artificial devices to stave off the formidable effects of synthetic drugs. One of these is the Hydro-based Pumps.

Importance of Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Being sexually healthy is very important. Human beings should be able to satisfy their sexual lives. By the virtue that erectile dysfunction hinders the normal functioning of human body is enough reason for any man suffering from the disorder to seek medication. Erectile dysfunction can pose problems in a relationship. Erectile dysfunction can lead men to experience ‘loss of manhood’ or they are worry about not being able to give pleasure and satisfaction during sex to their intimate partners. Hydro pump based pumps can be a solution to this problem.

What are Hydro-Based Pumps

Also known as penis pump, a hydro-based pump is a device designed to remedy erectile dysfunction. It is a common alternative to air-based vacuum pump. In air-based vacuum pumps, air makes up the space around the penis when inside the cylinder tube. When the vacuum effect takes place, air behaves like a sponge which compresses and expands. This process causes discomfort and does not enlarge the penis proportionally as it only affects the central innards of the organ.

With a hydro based pump, water acts as a solid fluid, meaning it cannot be compressed or expanded like air. In return, a larger portion of the penis expands to compensate for the removal of water as the vacuum effect occurs. In the event the device method does not work, there are available external vacuum pumps that can be used to achieve erection with a separate compression ring fitted to the penis to maintain it.

There are however other penis pumps without compression rings. This type, apart from being used for temporary treatment for erectile dysfunction, is believed to lengthen penis when used frequently. Hydro-based pumps also give off vibration that aid men during masturbation.

Introducing Bathmate

Bathmate is a good Penis enlargement device that can be used by everyone. It is a world leader brand for total penile health, not to mention for penis enlargement. Bathmate enables men gain longer, thicker penis in a very short period. Designed by award-winning engineers and health experts, Bathmate is safe and effective to use. Bathmate pumps are available for as low as $69 at the company’s website.


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