How to Exercise While at Work

It is entirely possible for you to exercise while you are at work. Yes, your fitness regimen can take place while you are gainfully employed. That doesn’t mean you will get a complete work out, but it can mean that you can contribute to your overall fitness by exercising while on the clock. Here is how to do it and to whip yourself in to shape.

  1. Avoid the snack machine. Yes, food vendors love to ply their goodies, usually in break rooms and other public areas where temptation may be too strong for you to resist. But, resist you must as these foods can increase your weight and decrease your resolve. Instead, keep enough fresh fruit on hand. Bring with you bottled water and granola bars to help stave off hunger and temptation.

  1. Take advantage of the fitness center. If your company supplies an on-site fitness center, then you have no excuse for avoiding it. Work with management to ensure that the center is open before, during and after work hours. That center should be stocked with stationary equipment to promote cardio fitness. Body building equipment can also be useful. If your exercise facility is incomplete in that it lacks a locker room and shower, ask management to consider installing these. For smaller companies, supplying passes to a local gym is a good alternative notes Fitness 19.

  1. Respond to incentives. Many companies offer employees incentives to work out. If your company has a program in place, then consider those incentives. Workplace wellness programs have emerged as a way to encourage people to get and stay fit. For companies, such programs can reduce health insurance premiums, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity. Some companies provide cash incentives or offer prizes to participants. Those prizes may include tickets to sporting events, gift cards or reimbursement a medical expense not typically covered by your insurance.

  1. Exercise in small blocks. Perhaps exercising does not come easy where you work. Time is always a factor, something that can be hard to manage. In that case consider splitting your exercise regimen into smaller, manageable blocks such as 15 minutes for cardio before you start work and another 15 minutes of weight training at lunch time. You can also get a work out by climbing the office stairs instead of taking the elevator and parking further out in the employee lot and walking in.

  1. Get fit at your desk. For people who are even further constrained by time, exercising while sitting at their desk or work station can be a smart move. For instance, one exercise known as the wooden leg is a way for you to increase your lower body strength. This routine is accomplished by having you sit in your chair and extending one leg straight out in front of you, holding it in position for two seconds. Then, you raise that leg as high up as you can and hold it for another two seconds. Repeat this process with the other leg and endeavor to do 10 to 15 routines throughout your work day.

  1. Request a guest speaker. To encourage you and your fellow employees to exercise, you might ask the Human Resources department to bring in a guest speaker to talk about exercise. This might be part of a “Lunch and Learn” series where participants eat their lunch, learn about exercise tips and then apply what they learn before returning to work. The company’s goal here is to encourage camaraderie among employees to exercise together.

Stay at It

Exercising while working can take much effort especially if you need to get up early to get in to work early. It can also make you feel better about yourself, improve your health and increase your alertness. Exercise will ultimately make you a more productive worker, a benefit that any company should encourage.