How to get rid of skin and fat apron without consequences

Flat abdomen is every woman dream. However not every woman can boast a perfect waist line. Especially middle-aged women, who have gained and lost weight during their lifetime several times, young mums, who have not been able to recover their body shape after childbirth. All these women can only recall their slim waist and flat tummy and dream about a perfect body shape. But modern aesthetic surgery can help them to restore their lost beauty and attractiveness by means of abdominoplasty, which sometimes, makes wonders and returns desperate women, who have already lost faith in themselves to life. This surgery is not a simple one, but the demand on it is growing steadily.

Abdominoplasty is technically complex surgery. It lasts from 2 to 5 hours and highly burdens the patient as the result of surgical intervention is not only excess skin and fat tissue removal, but also blood flow changing in the processed zone. That is why before performing abdominoplasty, a thorough clinical examination of patient general health state is carried out. The more responsible and thorough preparation for surgery is, the easier and faster the healing process in postoperative period will be. In general, abdominoplasty is a creative surgery, a fascinating process, when a surgeon plunges into it he does not notice the passing time.

There are several abdominoplasty methods, but the technique is one and it is described in many textbooks. At the first stage subcutaneous fat is mobilized down by surgery incision, which should be then hidden in the bikini area to make the scar unnoticeable even in a swimsuit or lingerie. Aponeurosis is corrected to form the waist and frog abdomen excess skin is excised, subcutaneous drain is installed to avoid haematoma and seroma occurrence in postoperative period.

Abdominoplasty is one of the striking procedures in plastic surgery, as its results are effective and lifelasting, equally satisfying both the patient and the surgeon. In what cases do people resort to abdominoplasty? Although abdominoplasty is equally effective for both men and women, women venture to perform this surgery much more often. After all, the question of good looking is much more urgent problem for women as care of their look becomes a habit, which entails increased attention to their body. Abdominoplasty is usually performed in cases of excess fat deposits in the abdomen zone, stretch marks after pregnancy or significant weight loss, the presence of scars in the lower abdomen after previous medical surgeries. The entire body appearance is improved by removing skin and fat apron (excess skin and fat in the abdomen) and the restoration of more slim body contour.

Better results are achieved when patients’ weight is close to normal and there is laxity of front abdominal wall skin tissue or excess fat rate is moderate. Usually, the result of this surgery is persistent, although significant weight fluctuations or subsequent pregnancy can reduce some of the effects obtained after surgery.

When it comes to plastic surgery, final decision should be taken by the patient only. In this situation, the main problem for the patient is the problem of choice. The essence of dilemma is whether to prefer deformed abdomen that prevents virtually all aspects of everyday life, or long and conspicuous scar that remains after abdominoplasty. Typically, the patient chooses the surgery because deformed belly completely eliminates many simple and natural pleasures of life. Decision to make a tummy tuck should not be a result of a sudden emotional outburst, but accurate consultations with a doctor. Tummy tuck is not an easy surgery, but long lasting effect and great comfort is an argument in its favor.

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