How To Manage Your Stomach Ulcer at Home effectively

Abdominal pain takes place whenever a person has ulcer. This is usually a manifestation that the mucous membrane covering the digestive organs becomes weak already. The truth is that people of all ages are subjected to this. It may cause discomfort. As much as possible, it has to be avoided. But what if the person has been infected already? Then, there are ways to be done in order for the said condition to be managed at home. Ulcer is usually caused by smoking, stress, drinking or in short, an unhealthy lifestyle. Bad eating habits may also come across this. Junk food and acidity are often the leading cause of ulcer.

What can be done at home?

Individuals who suffer because of ulcer can always take advantage of home remedies. This would make the management of such disease, possible at home. One good example of a remedy is the so called fenugreek seeds or mehi. It can be prepared by boiling it in a glass of water. Usually, 2 to 3 tablespoon of fenugreek seed needs to be added. It also needs to come with a little soil. The mixture has to be boiled. It would remain half from its constituent. After the mixture has been made, then it has to be taken at least 2 to 3 times a day. The ulcer can be completely cured through such.

Wood apple is also beneficial. It has the same properties with bananas. Keeping a few leaves of wood apple in water overnight would be very efficient. The solution should be drained after. Then, it has to be taken several times a day. The daily consumption of milk is very effective too. One should take at least 2-3 glasses of it every day. It can be mixed with a few grams of castor oil. The oil is effective too. Get health updates at


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