How You Can Help in Health Research

It does not matter whether you are someone prominent in society or not. You can still play a vital role in solving current health issues. It is by donating your body to medical research once you are dead and gone.

Medical Research is Necessary for Finding the Right Cure

Currently, there are various types of cancer and neurological diseases, which affect millions of people all over the world. An estimate of 7.6 million people worldwide is believed to die every year due to different kinds of cancer. Believe it or not, there are over one hundred kinds of cancer right now. Not surprisingly, effective cure is still needed for some of them.

Some Americans may wonder why medical researches ask for human tissues when they can use plastic or synthetic tissues instead. Indeed, this is true. Synthetic tissues can very well be used for medical research. But, the results would not be as good as using human tissues.

For example, if a medical researcher were testing out a possible cure, the reactions in human tissues would be more conclusive. He or she might feel confident that the cure would work in human beings. As it is, the human body is complex with scientists still trying to figure out some detailed aspects of the human body. Synthetic tissues would not be able to give the same kinds of reactions as human tissues.

What Can You Do to Help?

Just pledge to donate your body to any of the accredited tissue banks once you die. Some people may think that they have all the time in the world to do so. None of us knows for 100 percent sure the exact time of our death. So, spend some minutes fill up a form, get it signed by relevant witnesses and later, submit it to your preferred accredited tissue bank.

In addition to doing your part for medical science, you help the dependents you leave behind. The average cost of cremation is way less than a typical burial service. They spend less money, time and energy for transportation of your body, cremation arrangements and some other things to do with your death. Some accredited tissue banks pay for practically everything to do with the person’s death including cremation.

The reason might be to encourage more people to opt for body donation program after their death. For those who desire a funeral service, do not worry. You can still have one even after your body has been cremated. But, your dependents or family members would most probably have to bear the cost of such a service. Those whom you leave behind can still have a small gathering among themselves to pay their last respects to you and say the necessary prayers.

By pledging your body to the advancement of medical science, you play a key role in finding solutions to today’s killer diseases like cancer. Moreover, you may end up saving the time, energy and money of those whom you leave behind.


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