How Your Elderly Parent Stands to Benefit from Homecare

Every time you visit your mother, you have the same old argument. You insist that she’s too old to continue living in such a big, empty house, while she vehemently refuses to enter assisted living. Although you love your mother with all your heart, there’s no denying that she’s not as young as she used to be. Furthermore, the mobility problems and health issues from which she’s been suffering make staying in her current home an unwise decision. Due to your career and family obligations, there’s no way you can monitor your mother around the clock – and frankly, you shouldn’t have to. This is where homecare providers come in. As the name implies, these highly trained caregivers will regularly visit your mother at home and assist her with a wide array of tasks. When trying to sell your mom on this idea, don’t forget to list off the following benefits.

Assistance with Daily Chores

From cooking and cleaning to bathing and grooming, homecare nurses assist clients with a seemingly endless assortment of daily chores. Your mother may be apprehensive about accepting help at first, but after a few days of working with a caregiver, she’ll wonder how she ever got by without her. Because of your mother’s mobility issues, going about her daily grooming routine can sometimes take hours. However, with the assistance of a homecare nurse, she’ll be out of bed, bathed and fully dressed in a timely manner. Additionally, due to a combination of arthritis and no longer having anyone else to cook for, your mom seldom prepares proper meals for herself. Luckily, many caregivers know their way around a kitchen and are more than happy to whip up mouthwatering meals for their clients.
Ample Opportunities for Exercise

Many housebound seniors neglect their personal fitness and spend entirely too much time in front of the television. Even though your mom won’t be running any marathons anytime soon, she’s perfectly capable of going for walks and performing some basic stretches. Being physically fit plays a large role in feeling good about oneself and maintaining a positive attitude. With this in mind, a homecare provider will regularly take walks with your mother and help her start each day with a few stretches.
Ability to Leave the House

Ever since she stopped driving, your mother rarely leaves the house. Sure, you take her on errands whenever you can, but your busy schedule seldom allows this. As a result of being housebound, your mom has become very socially isolated. Aside from the occasional phone call from one of her children or grandkids, she doesn’t have much in the way of human interaction. Fortunately, a homecare nurse will drive her anywhere she wants to go. Whether it’s the grocery store, pharmacy or a leisurely trip to her favorite restaurant, her caregiver will make sure she gets there with ease.

With so many seniors refusing to enter assisted living, dealing with aging parents can be an uphill battle. Homecare represents a cost-effective middle ground for adult children and their parents. It essentially gives your folks all the benefits of assisted living while allowing them to remain in their home.


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