Lose Weight and Get in Shape with 2014s Best Fitness Apps

Sorting through all the new fitness apps out there can be just as exhausting as sorting through all the new fad diets. The big problem, of course, is that many purport to be able to change a person’s life, and they wind up falling well short of that goal. But there are fitness apps out there that can make a positive difference in the health of the user. Here are a few such examples that should prove viable for some time to come.

Each app on this list is free and available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Think of it as Facebook for health nuts. This option has become one of the most famous fitness apps due to its large database of users. Millions of folks are connected through Fitocracy, and all of them have optimal health on the mind. The app not only connects folks with average users, but with pro fitness experts and trainers as well. It comes with an exercise tracker and an earned-points feature that rewards users for certain accomplishments. There is now a new app from Fitocracy called Fitocracy Macros, for iOS. It tracks specific macronutrient intake in order to help users reach targeted goals of weight loss.

Every Move

Earning points and leveling up within an app program can certainly be beneficial, but real-world rewards are that much more enticing. Every Move tracks the user’s activity — be it running, cycling, or even walking up the stairs – and once they reach certain goals they earn a certain amount of points. These points can be redeemed for discounts from brands and retailers such as Rhapsody and Walgreens.

Runtastic Six Pack

It used to be there were videotapes for every kind of ab workout under the sun. Now, every app exercise can be accessed from under Runtastic’s umbrella, and includes everythingfrom seven-minute workouts to six-week plans. All the user has to do is select their virtual trainer within the program and get to work. The system then highlights each muscle being toned during each workout, and users can customize their own routines as well.

Nike Training Club

This female-centric app brings top trainers, celebrities and fitness gurus right to the user’s smartphone. It also comes included with over 100 total body workouts loaded into the system. These are accompanied by step-by-step audio and video demos that help the user complete their tailored workout routine. Nike Training Club keeps track of progress by logging the total number of workouts as well as the amount of calories consumed and burned.


Nothing motivates quite like the almighty dollar. Think of Pact as a casino game that puts health on the line as much as cash. The user makes a weekly pact regarding his or her fitness goals, and if these goals are not reached, they pay other Pact users out of their own pocket. If they do achieve their goals, they get paid by the very same users. To put it mildly, this app is for those who have trouble staying motivated.

The apps on this list represent the next generation of mobile-based fitness. They include elements of social media as well as e-commerce and GPS tracking. This is the future of fitness – a future that also includes regular visits to the local gym, such as Fitness 19.


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