Meaning, Nature, Occurrence, Symptoms and Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea Torrance is a severe sleeping disarray, that occurs when a person’s breathing pattern is intermittent while a person sleeps. A populace who is suffering from sleep apnea, and not really started a treatment for the same, stop breathing regularly while they are asleep, at times for few seconds, at regular intervals, sometimes numerous times throughout the night. This eventually results in lack of oxygen supply, not only in the brain, but also to the rest of the body, which can be very dangerous.

Sleep apnea can be classified into two major kinds: obstructive and central sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea or OSA: This is the most common forms of apnea, which is diagnosed in a number of people. This disorder is caused due to the impasse of the airway, typically when the fleshy tissue behind the throat fails to hold while one is asleep.

Central sleep apnea or CSA: In contrast to OSA, the airway here in this disorder is not really blocked, whereas, there is a failure in the signaling of the brain to the muscles to carry out the breathing process because of the lack of stability in the control center of respiration.

Who are likely to be at risk for Sleep Apnea: This specific disorder can be detected in any person, irrespective of their age, which also includes children. But more specifically in people, which following factors:

  • People who are overweight, or suffering from obesity.
  • Mostly found in men.
  • People with larger neck size than normal, i.e., more than around 17 inches.
  • People above 40 years of age.
  • If you have sleep apnea in your family history.
  • People with large tongue or tonsils and with smaller jaw bone.
  • Obstruction in the nose due to sinus problems, allergies, or any other reason.
  • GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux.

Following are the effects that are caused due to Sleep Apnea:

  • More likely, of stroke.
  • Heart conditions like irregular heart beats, heart attacks and heart failure or high blood pressure.
  • Depression.
  • It also causes diabetes and can aggravate ADHD.

Along with the above health problemsSleep apnea Torrance, if left untreated or undetected can be a major reason in the lack of performance in your day to day routine, in kids and children it can result in underachievement in the academics and in adults it may also cause accidents while riding or driving.


Following are a few common symptoms related to sleep apnea:

  • Feeling sleepy while driving, if you drive.
  • Snoring loudly while sleeping.
  • Headaches early in the morning.
  • Waking up irregularly with a sensation of gasping or choking.
  • Lack of energy, of feeling sleepy throughout the whole day.
  • Mood wings, forgetfulness and lack of interest in sex among adults.
  • Sleeping restlessly.
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness.

If you are noticing these above symptoms, then you may want to consider going to a doctor without any further ado. As it can lower the risks caused due to this disorder. Following are a few tests that the doctor may ask you to do and a few equipments used to detect Sleep apnea:

  • Electrocardiogram, or an ECG has to be done to record the rhythm of the heart and heart rate.
  • Electroencephalogram, or an EEG has to be done to record and measure the brain wave activities.
  • Electro-oculogram, or an ECO has to be done to record the activities like teeth grinding, face twitching as well as leg movements, and to conclude the occurrence of REM stage sleeping, which is a stage where you are in deep sleep.