Perhaps no one fears aging as much as a celebrity

Aging is a fact of life that cannot be escaped. Naturally some of us will show signs sooner than others. In far too many cases, lifestyle choices accelerate the physical changes that come on with another birthday.

Society’s infatuation with youth has driven screen stars and rock stars to extremes of surgery, Botox and body part augmentation and hair transplants that make the star think they are younger than they think. Society today has stereotyped seniors into cartoon characters who need pity and receive no mercy or respect. Perhaps the respect that is most needed is self respect.

What we eat, take in our lungs; the muscles we use or ignore and the substitutes for quality of real life are the best remedies for the gradual sense of age. Continuing to eat, inhale and waste life with chemicals and poisons is a losing battle that no surgery or drug can keep at bay for long.

Some movie stars have aged well. They passed on surgery, wigs and subterfuge to grow gray and wise. Sean Connery was a black haired, steely eyed secret agent. He was a magnet for lovely female spies and a menace to super villains. At some point he grew older and made a mature decision to seek roles that gave a dignity to gray hair and less of it. His roles in Indiana Jones, The Rock and Hunt for Red October to say the least were riveting. His innate ability to convince us of the inner character of the role he played and respect him is beyond measure.

John Wayne at a point in his career accepted his age and began to look like the wise old cowboy he had created. His smoking was his end and his role as a dying gunfighter in The Sootiest” was his testimony to a habit that should have ended much earlier. The culture of the time made tobacco an acceptable habit. The deaths from lung cancer of those who didn’t know better are losses to all.

All too many movie stars and television personalities try to delay age progression by hair styles that are best seen on people decades younger. The outer surface when it is changed by artificial means only resembles a mask.
Rock stars are notorious for indulgence and mistreating their bodies. The Rolling Stones are best heard and not seen. Age here has been accelerated by drug and tobacco abuse and their faces as a group lead us to wonder “why”?

If these creative and talented persons who use tobacco and other substances could see what they would look like as these chemicals took effect in age progression would they change their indulging habits? Today’s technology can help with moving people to life changing decisions and change.


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