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Whenever people suffer from head ache, the first thing they does is to use some drugs for relieving the head ache. It is now a day common to observe that there are a number of people who are always keep on carrying the drugs for head ache with them. On analysis by the doctors and bio physical scientists, they identified that the prime reason for causing headache is the stress. We are living in a world where people have a lot of queries and concerns about many things happening around them. This can lead to a severe deficiency in our body in terms of flow of impulse from brain to other vital organs of our body. These impulses when they are blocked or being disrupted can cause the cause the so called head ache.

It is very easy to see the happenings inside our body with the help of electrodes attached to the body. This electrode acts as sensor to trap the vital bio electrical impulse that is passing through our body during different situations. However there is no vital link between the pattern of the impulse and the head ache issues. But it is observed that at the time of head ache, body temperature is increased beyond the limit and also the nervous system is very prone for any kind of stimulus to reach to brain. With the help of, it is possible to collect all possible information about head ache and how to cure them without aid of drugs.


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