Smoke Free the E-way

You have tried to give up the habit but being the nicotine addict that you are, you go back to smoking paper cigarettes after a few days of abstinence.  What do you do? Take a look around you, a revolution has taken the world by storm; the revolution of the electronic cigarettes, a gadget that allows the user a similar sensation when smoking the tobacco variety, but minus the health risks involved. This device was developed in the year 2003 by Hon Lik , a Chinese pharmacist; and the first brand to hit the market was Ruyan in the year 2005. Within a few years, this device became popular among those who were addicted to the act and were looking for a healthier option or were working on giving up the habit.


The device decoded

The e-cigarette is easy to use, provided you know the various components that make up the device. Divided into three parts, the first is the mouth piece which has the cartridge attached to the tube. A small cup which holds the liquid solution and the absorbing material is found inside the mouthpiece and can be refilled or replaced upon need. The second component to this device is the atomizer which heats the liquid so that it can be inhaled by the user. The liquid holding capacity of the atomizer varies from 1.4ml to 4ml and this component needs to be replaced once every 3to 6 months. The battery which is a lithium-ion variety completes the kit along with other electronic components. The battery powers the heating action and its lifespan depends upon the usage of the same, its size, type and operating environment. Latest models in the market come with an inbuilt sensor that automatically activates the heating procedure as soon as one starts to ‘take a puff.’ The liquid solution comes in flavours like vanilla, mint, and apple, Marlboro, composed of glycol or vegetable glycerine. The nicotine concentration in this e- cigarette varies from zero to extra-high (24-36 mg/ml).

Value for Money

You are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a brand. Some of the brands in the market today include Halo cigs, V2 Cigs, Vaporzone, and Greensmoke, Premium vapes and Bull Smoke  to name a few. The fact that you are faced with a plethora of options should make you keep the following factors  in mind while purchasing an Electronic Cigarettesare; the cartridge quality, durability of the device, the liquid contained and the price of the item. Prices for this device range from $ 11.31 to $ 37.41, depending upon the brand of your choice. An ego boosting feature offered by some brands is that you get to customize your device to make it a one of a kind. Given the choice to go smoke-free and live healthy, why not make use of this device and live happy?

Author’s Bio: Laura is the writer of Smoke Free the E-way that allows the reader an insight into the latest trend of Electronic Cigarettes, the device and brands available and the benefits of using the same.


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