The 3 Big Fitness Crazes of 2014

Every year the fitness industry seems to take a turn in a different direction, and new fads are constantly hitting the pages of the relevant magazines. Naturally, 2014 has brought a whole range of new trends and if you are looking to hop on board and stay in fashion, so to speak, read on to find out what the “big three” currently are.


Also known as High Intensity Interval Training, this is proving to be one of the most effective ways to shed the pounds for a lot of people. The fact that these programs can be completed in less than thirty minutes is naturally appealing to the time-savvy individual, while the content of a HIIT schedule is also appropriate. Instead of exercise being performed in one long session, the beauty about HIIT is that it involves short, high-intensity bursts which can be managed through rests. As such, it can be tailored very easily, with both beginners and advanced athletes benefiting.


Kickboxing is something else that is slowly taking over the fitness headlines. Once upon a time it was reserved for those individuals who simply wanted to participate in a form of martial arts, but now the scope has changed considerably. Now, facilities are combining cardiovascular workouts with the traditional kickboxing session and creating something which pushes all areas of the body.

Additionally, this is happening all over the world. For example, click here for more kick boxing deals in Irvine, CA and you’ll see just how it is being promoted by fitness establishments.

Technology-Related Training

This is something of a vague one, but it still highlights one of the major fitness trends of the year. Technology is taking over this industry quicker than any of us imagined, and more and more athletes are turning to tracking devices and other hi-tech inventions to extract more from a training plan. Whether it’s the trainers with a microchip that deliver information about your session to your computer, or the games console which helps you burn calories, workouts are becoming much easier and beneficial due to these advancements.


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