The perfect massage for the perfect body

Intimate massage is a great thing to share with anyone you meet when you are adult dating as it is so sensuous and erotic, and can really help to set the mood. Who has not enjoyed having someone they desire running their oiled up hands allover their naked body?

You can share you wildest fantasies during the massage session, telling your partner exactly what you want to to do to them when you are done, building the sexual tension, and watching them get turned on as you work your magic. Be sure to have some wonderful massage oil too, or why not try a massage candle to turn the heat up a little?

Adult dating can all too often be focused just on a ‘quick shag’ but actually, more people than ever before try adult dating because they want to add something more sensual to their stale sex life.

A massage can boost confidence. Fact.

Be sure to work out any tension from your adult dating partner so that they feel relaxed with you and boost their confidence by telling them what a perfect body they have and tell them all of the bits that you like the best. Compliments are the best way to help someone come out of their shell and want to have passionate sex with you.

A massage can burn calories. Fact

Another great reason to add massage into your list of desires for your adult dating journey is that it also helps you achieve the perfect body. Did you know that a massage can burn up to 80 calories an hour? A great reason to make sure that you take it in turns and both get to be the giver, what better way to create a dream body?

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