Some general points have been listed which should be kept in mind, to pass drug test.

  • Don’t depend on excuses: Once your test comes out positive, then remember no excuse can save you, and make the table turns around or tests as negative. Like you cannot give an excuse to be a passive smoker with the presence of 50ng/ml level in your urine. For a passive smoker, one pass drug test at level of 25ng/ml or below.
  • Intake of some specific things: Intake of some of the products like an activated charcoal, food emulsifier etc. can alter the chemistry of a body in a way to prevent yourself in getting stuck up in the drug test.
  • Legal challenges : In cases when present employees are being tested, you may say no to it on situations of labor law and regulations. Try avoiding signing on papers which gives the bosses the liberty to get you checked up without having your consent for the same.
  • One can even claim that such drug tests should not be done, as it intrudes into the privacy of people like in case of taking urine test. Or it can be said that no tests can be said to be cent per cent accurate. The above tips may seem to you are provided to save the accused, but these have been listed to save the innocent from getting stuck into wrongful accusations of being a drug addict.

However the shortcoming of the tests can be overcome by conducting performance tests which measure actual performance and reaction time instead of checking the presence of chemicals inside the human body. this can be done by conducting computer video game tests.

It is more like creating awareness amongst the layman that what all can be done to pass drug test


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