What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

If you’re looking to brighten your smile through cosmetic dentistry, pay a visit to a reputable prosthodontist. These highly sought-after dentists specialize in prosthetic dental procedures that are guaranteed to leave patients with straight, shiny smiles. So if your regular dentist is unable to perform the cosmetic adjustments you need, don’t hesitate to research prosthodontists in your area. As you’ll find, prosthodontists have a wide range of specialties.

Dental Implants

People who have lost teeth as a result of injury, poor hygiene or gum disease can benefit from high-quality dental implants. Using x-rays of your jaw as a reference, a skilled prosthodontist will create flawless titanium-based replicas of any missing teeth. After your new teeth have been molded, they’ll be attached to your gum line with unbreakable screws. Your implants will look so real, you’ll be the only one who knows they aren’t your original teeth. Additionally, since titanium implants typically last at least a decade, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them.

Denture Construction

Even if you engage in proper oral hygiene, gum disease and old age can take their toll on even the healthiest teeth. If you’ve recently found yourself in need of a brand new set of chompers, a prosthodontist is the first person you should see. While many regular dentists have stopped making custom-fit dentures, most prosthodontists welcome the opportunity to create dentures in-house. After taking some jaw measurements and studying your dental x-rays, your prosthodontist will produce a set of dentures that fits your mouth perfectly. Once you try your new dentures on for size, you’ll feel like you have your old teeth back.


Teeth that have been damaged by cavities, abscesses or physical injury can regain their original appearance with the help of dental crows. Although crowns can be implanted by a regular dentist, a prosthodontist will do an extra-thorough job of creating and attaching crowns to chipped, broken and cavity-riddled teeth. Crowns are also a good option for teeth that are misshapen or discolored.

In many cases, damaged teeth need to be reduced in size in order to accommodate crowns. After your prosthodontist has sufficiently chipped away at a damaged tooth, she’ll carefully attach your new crown with oral cement. While most crowns will last a lifetime, it’s not unusual for them to occasionally come loose or fall out. If this occurs, your prosthodontist will firmly reattach them with a fresh application of oral cement.

General Dentistry

Just because your prosthodontist specializes in cosmetic procedures doesn’t mean she isn’t well-versed in general dentistry. So if you need a routine cleaning, plaque-scraping or cavity-filling, your prosthodontist will be happy to oblige. Additionally, based on the observations she makes while cleaning your teeth, she’ll be able to recommend any cosmetic procedures you stand to benefit from.

Proper oral hygiene is just one part of maintaining an attractive smile. Even healthy teeth can be crooked and misshapen, thus facilitating the need for cosmetic dentistry. By enlisting the services of a local prosthodontist, you can ensure that your smile looks its absolute best.


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