What’s new with the Daltec Occupational Health Provider?

Daltec Occupational Health Provider offers a variety of occupational health services. DOH services are premeditated to meet up the demands of every company’s health evaluation. An Occupational Health Evaluation is an assessment of a person by means of information obtained in the course of an oral and physical testing procedure. The point of performing these evaluations is to assess a prospective employee’s capabilities in association to the job placement applied for. This assessment also helps to identify individuals who are in danger in the place of work.
Subsequent to the striking raise in Client, Employee and Government Awareness of the significance of offering safety/protection focussed health services in the worksite. Daltec Occupational Health Provider is presently focussing the occupational health rather than paramedical services within the insurance business-industry.

Key Elements of the Occupational Health Provider are:

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • Medical History & Personal History Medical History
  • Occupational History
  • Physical Assessment

Extra gears to the Occupational Health Endurance Test are:

Flexibility Assessment

A means to find out a client’s/employees fitness by assessing their power, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance by performing a chain of drills/exercises, abdominal crunches, such as push ups,  and a back-body extensions.

Back Fitness Assessment

A more extensive back evaluation that tests a client’s strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular system by performing a series of exercises including pushups, abdominal crunches, back extensions, and squats.

Strength Assessment

This is to find out a client’s/employees muscle strength and potential to carry out the physical hassles of their placements by means of meticulousness instruments (dynamometer) to determine arm grip, back, hand and shoulder potency.

Lifting Assessment

Appropriate lifting methods and directives given to the client/employee while performing numerous lifts using the load that they will be lifting at work.

Cardiovascular Assessment

An endurance test by means of an aerobic stepper to make sure that the client/employee can securely execute the physical hassles of the placement they going to apply.

Physical Demand Examination/Job Demand Examination

Skilled staff goes to a workplace to analyze precise positions. JDA/PDA’s are essential to set limited levels for the potency and lifting assessments. They furthermore award the inspector the essential details concerning the place the client/employee is applying for to craft an exact choice about their health-fitness to work.

About the Author: Rose Blinjaw is a college graduate who is currently doing medical research under many international companies. She is also an expert blogger for Occupational Health Providers and Endurance Test.


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